Conduct online marketing activities

Today, more and more people are using applications to block advertisements on the Internet. This makes it more and more difficult for companies to reach a selected group of customers with a message. The solution to this problem can be personalized results which, thanks to a new algorithm, artificial intelligence and social media, are beginning to dominate the displayed search results in Google search engine.

21st century SEO

The change in consumer behaviour and awareness forces companies to constantly seek new channels of marketing communication. Blocking of advertisements with the use of various types of adblockers is almost a common phenomenon. More and more Internet users are tired of advertisements, not only making it difficult to browse the pages, but also of any kind. Publishers and companies must slowly get used to this situation and find other ways to reach the customer on the web.

Content marketing and search engine marketing (SEM) is effective in this area. While much has been said about content marketing, little is said about how a modern search engine promotion should look like. This should take into account the current trends related to the development of technology and the change in behaviour caused by it.

Selection of positioned phrases

The year was a breakthrough for the development of mobile Internet. More than half of web page views were generated by mobile devices. Everything indicates that in the near future, the fixed Internet will remain only the domain of institutions and offices. Private users will be surfing the web mainly with smartphones. Their number is growing from year to year. The number of voice queries, which Google, thanks to innovative solutions, can read more and more correctly, is also increasing.

All this implies that an effective SEO strategy should be adapted not only to the growing number of voice queries, but also to changes in their nature. Taking these changes into account when selecting positioned phrases is the key to success. Companies that want to take the top positions in mobile search results and effectively reach the selected group of recipients will have to focus on complex queries and context queries.

The selection of phrases should also take into account the needs of mobile users. And these are completely different from those who use computers at home. The former direct many more queries to the search engine related to time and location (most of the mobile queries concern the local market).

Mobile users using the ability to ask questions by voice usually present their queries in the form of full sentences or at least several phrases. They try to formulate their query in such a way as to get the best possible answer. Even if they do it more or less fortuitously. Many people starting their adventure with a smartphone are not yet able to concretise the problem they want to solve with the help of a search engine.

The purpose of creating an artificial intelligence mechanism was to improve the quality of search results. It is supposed to motivate website authors to create content for Internet users, and not only for search engines. Google sends out a signal for the authors to focus on the content of the site, not on the keywords. To be able to interpret any text and display the page in the top position for any query related to the company’s business profile. Simply, the algorithm will be able to match the query to the company website.

Big Data

Currently, more and more results displayed in search results are tailored to individual needs and expectations of users. Google points out that personalized search results are not only a recipe for the crowd of ads, but also the future. Presentation of personalized records is possible not only thanks to artificial intelligence, but also thanks to a huge amount of data collected by the search engine about its users.

Companies must take this process into account in their marketing activities, especially when promoting in the search engine. Artificial intelligence will be able to match sites to queries, so that answers can satisfy users’ curiosity as much as possible. The quality of responses will depend on the satisfaction of the user, whether it will be greater, the greater the chance that they will take advantage of the company’s offer.

The popularity of applications blocking ads on the Internet has forced advertisers to look for new ways to reach consumers or redefine the old ones. Today, classic strategies of selecting keywords in positioning are losing their effectiveness, a new approach is needed in this respect, taking into account not only the development of technology, but also the change in user behaviour caused by it.